Complete honesty will destroy even the strongest relationship.
People are broken, and condemning them for this will only breed contempt for yourself.
Condemnation is often an outward expression of fear. A fear of seeing the same in oneself.
Everyone is twisted, some are just able to hide it better than others - even from themselves.
Pain is the artist's muse.
No one can have everything in life. Do not stop striving, but do not fight so hard that you ignore what you already have.
Contentment is not prideful, smug, envious, fearful or apathetic. It is joyful, calm, warm, loving and satisfied.
The most precious asset you can steal from a person is their contentment. The travesty is many people never realize it happened.
Pride, greed, and self-consciousness are the mortal enemies of contentment.
A truly content person is not necessarily unproductive, though it may seem so to those who value tangible results.
Figuring out how to be content with oneself and then teaching at least one other person to do the same is a greater achievement than world peace.
Some people struggle against the world, others fight themselves.
Money can't buy you love, but it's as close as some people will ever get.
Don't envy the rich. They are no happier than you, merely more comfortable.
If you find someone with whom you have a loyal and fierce bond - hold on to that, regardless of anything else.